Tricks for Staying Secure on Your local craigslist ads

One of the best ways to be safe on Craigslist is always to be sure to meet within a public, seriously trafficked location. Never bring a new person to your home or perhaps take them to a place wherever they may not be monitored. If possible, make an effort to meet within a busy building. If you have some huge cash or are buying expensive items, consider meeting in a bank or a public place where the other person cannot monitor you.

Whenever you are selling or buying anything about Craigslist, it is best to use freezing cash. Should you be unsure regarding paying with cash, you can exchange your money in the local police force station or Diamond Pit Federal Credit rating Union. When you are not comfortable with handing above cash, you can purchase a fake detector coop at office supply shops. They cost about $5 and will save you significant amounts of money. Also, it is best to prevent providing personal information, such as mastercard numbers, e-mail addresses, and telephone quantities, to strangers.

While on Craigslist, make sure you how to use anonymous email account. Since you are dealing with other people, you should stay away from your proper name or if you email address. Rather, use a pseudonymous email bill. Don’t use your home address or your email address; only your first brand and phone number are used. In this manner, you can exchange your information without the other party having the capability to trace your identity.


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